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  • Passengers:2
  • Suitcase:2 Small
  • Doors: 2
  • Engine: 3.9L V8 32V GDI DOHC Twin Turbo
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline, Premium unleaded
  • Options: Cruise Control, MP3 player, Automatic air conditioning, Wifi, GPS Navigation

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bmw X6 M rental in Dubai

rent a bmw X6 M dubai - At Azhar luxury rental dubai we guarantee that all the SUV rental cars we give are the most recent models, and now we respect the entry of the bmw rent in dubai. With our prepared experts in client administrations, we can very suggest that you employ rent a bmw X6 M dubai and encounter this fantastic SUV and all it brings to the table. bmw otherwise known as Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works), is a German car, cruiser and motor assembling organization that was established in 1916. Situated in Munich it likewise possesses Mini cars and is the parent organization of Rolls Royce. It is additionally one of the 'German huge 3' alongside Audi and Mercedes-Benz, which are the three top of the line extravagance vehicle producers on the planet.

Initially set up to make air ship motors, toward the finish of World War 1 and some portion of the Versailles bargain, bmw was restricted from making any war based motors thus by 1923 they had changed over to cruisers and by 1928 they turned their regard for car making. Their first car was the Dixi, (in light of the Austin 7). 10 years before the appearance of WW2 bmw backpedaled to making flying machine motors however by 1959 the organization was successfully bankrupt. They chose to devote themselves to car making and the rest is history.

By 2012, bmw was recorded in Forbes as the Number 1 most trustworthy organization in the world.The SUV X6 looks cool and more imperatively it drives superior to most different 4x4s out and about. It has a splendid torque vectoring framework and through this the X6 drives like a regular bmw. The bmw X6M covers off-road, rough terrain or on street, and it does this with panache and style on account of its impeccable styling. The Body control is wonderful and the footing is without equivalent on account of the x-Drive, DPC (dynamic Performance Control) and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control). It will flabbergast you. With rent a bmw X6 M dubai, you can encounter the unlimited capacities of this brilliant SUV for yourself.The bmw X6M has 4 sorts of motor, 2 diesels and 2 Gasoline.

The two 6 chamber 3 liter diesels utilize maybe a couple blowers and can achieve 0 - 62 mph in 7.5 seconds (245 BHP) and 6.5 seconds (306 BHP) separately. The 35i Gasoline motor has a top speed of 150 mph, the twin turbo 50i will hit 62 mph in 5.4 seconds and go path past the limiter of 155 mph and outpace most cars lower than a Porsche 911. There's likewise a M-Power motor which has 55 BHP, the brain boggles at that one's potential speed.For extravagance and incredibleness taking care of business contract a bmw rent in dubai, it truly is made straightforward and simple by Azhar luxury rental dubai. The Interior has 4 situates and has an under floor stockpiling container, great enumerating all through, this is essentially a pleasantly completed car. Attempt our rent a bmw in dubai contract to experience this extraordinary car on account of all that somebody with extravagance driving could need and need!

By and large the bmw rent dubai is really amazing. On the off chance that you pick the motor that suits you, you will love driving this car. The sheer extravagance truly is a treat to be experienced.The worldwide achievement of the bmw X6M show idea is established in a level of donning energy unmatched by whatever other all-wheel-drive car with rough terrain capacity. The capable motors, propelled frame innovation and bmw X Drive all-wheel-drive arrangement of the bmw X6M gives driving joy past the range of their section rivals. Select the rent a bmw in dubai and let the car do the talking.bmw X6 M rental in best deals for a really extraordinary driving background and also one of solace and extravagance for your travelers.

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bmw X6 M rental  rental in Dubai


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bmw X6 M rental  rental in Dubai
bmw X6 M rental  rental in Dubai
bmw X6 M rental  rental in Dubai


“Cannot find any fault
Cannot find any fault with the service of these guys. I rented a car from them for a weekly trip and the team was fabulous and efficient. I highly recommend this company. After the trip they also drove us safely to the airport!”

bmw X6 M rental  rental in Dubai